Can I really experience this myself?

Absolutely, if you meet the requirements that are set in our policies below.

– 25+ Years of Age
– Valid U.S. Drivers License
– Clean Driving Record
– Proof of Full Coverage Personal Auto Insurance
– Major Credit Card
– Credit Card for Refundable Security Deposit Required

Is this process much different from a big box rental car operation?

The process is no different from the standard airport rental car companies. Our contract and procedures follow the same process as if you’re renting a Hyundia. Our cars and service are our only difference. You will get the best service possible. Call or email to make a reservation. We need to see your driver’s licence, valid insurance card, and major credit card.

How do you differ from the big box rental car companies?

-All rentals are by appointment only.
-We can customize any quote to your specific needs. We are extremely flexible.
-The car you see in the pictures, WILL BE the EXACT car you rent. No one near us has the category “Porsche 911 or similar”
-Before you leave, one of our staff will spend extensive time with you to show the proper operation of all controls and to make sure you are comfortable with the vehicle.

Do you have automatic transmissions?

Don’t worry, all of Redline’s vehicles currently are automatic transmissions with the option of using paddle shifters or triptronic features.

Why do you require $100 deposit to reserve a car?

We understand life happens and certain circumstances arise which hinder you from renting the car. However, with the popularity of the cars we often get multiple calls for the same day (s) and the deposit holds that reservation. We need to know you are serious about having fun with a Redline car. Deposits are not refundable. They can be transferred to another reservation within a period of 1 year.

What about insurance requirements?

Customers must have full personal auto coverage which includes Liability, Comprehensive and Collision. You can always call your insurance company to add the additional coverage required prior to your rental. If you are not sure you meet this requirement feel free to send us your policy and we will happily review it and let you know.

Does my own insurance cover the rental of a Redline car even if I drive a Ford Escape?

If you carry full coverage mentioned above, your insurance will automatically carry over and cover you when you rent from Redline regardless of what you have in your driveway everyday. Its the same way if you have an unfortunate incident with a Porsche on the road, your insurance will cover the damage.

How many miles do I get when I rent a car from Redline?

All rentals include 100 miles per 24 hours you rent the car. Additional miles are only $2 per mile after and will be billed upon return.

What about gas and tolls?

Each car is full on pickup or delivery. You have the option to fill it back up with 93 octane or leave it to us to fill up.   All Redline vehicles have a EZ-Pass and tolls will be included in your rental free of charge. We feel that waiting at the toll is just a waste of your driving time!

How much tax do I have to pay?

New York State sales tax is 8.75% plus a rental car tax 12.0% totals to 20.75%.

Why do I have to leave a security deposit?

Due to the higher cost of the Redline fleet, we are required to take a refundable security deposit. Rest assured, this is refunded in full once the vehicle has been returned to us without damage and thoroughly inspected that the car is in proper working order.

What services do you provide for delivery?

We want to make your experience as convenient as possible which is why we offer delivery and pick-up brought to your front door. This is free of charge during normal business hours within 20 miles of our shop and at a mutually agreed upon time. If you would like your car delivered to the airport we can do that too. Your airline and flight number will be required to ensure you receive a timely delivery. Your car will be waiting for you as you exit the airport.

Can I add an additional driver?

Of course we want to you include that spouse, relative, or best friend – as long as they cover the same requirements. We include one driver free of charge. ALL DRIVERS MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF RENTAL.

What if I get a ticket?

The renter is responsible for all parking, traffic, speeding or other tickets or violations issued while the vehicle is being rented and must pay for any fees, penalties, towing charges, or impound costs.

Can I take the car to Watkins Glen or Lancaster Speedway?

Nope, no way… Neither our or your insurance company will cover the cars likely damage on any race track.

Our Rental Agreement can be found here if you want additional reading.

Have more questions? Give us a call, we’ll be happy to help.